Dungeon Builder - The Isometric Map Maker by Hobbyte

We're creating an isometric dungeon map maker that produces beautiful, high resolution maps with a hand drawn look. Our Kickstarter campaign has just ended successfully and we are currently working full time towards finishing Dungeon Builder.

Download our demo (for Windows, Mac, or Linux) or keep scrolling for a more in-depth description of our goals and ambitions.

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Our Vision

So what exactly do we expect of ourselves when it comes to Dungeon Builder? Well, we have a lot of goals and ambitions, but at the same time we’re trying to stay realistic about what’s possible. That being said, we really want our map maker to be…

Dungeon Builder Map Example

Awesome: The reason we started on this project was that we wanted an isometric dungeon map maker; not finding one that suited our needs and wants, we decided to make one ourselves. First and foremost we’re trying to make a map editor which has its own look, utilizing hand drawn isometric tiles in order to build rich dungeons that looks good enough to be used in professionally produced campaigns.

Full of great content: We realize that there’s little value in a map editor that runs out of unique placeables after having been used for building one or two mid-sized dungeons. To ensure that our users do not run out of placeables too quickly, our artist Aage is focusing all his work on creating set pieces for the medieval fantasy setting.

Multi-platform: Our first milestone is to make a desktop version that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. In the future we may also create a re-designed version for tablets running Android, iOS and Windows.

User friendly: Kim, our software developer, is a professional user interface designer and developer with a burning hatred of all things needlessly complicated. We’re making Dungeon Builder incredibly easy to use. If any user ever feels like they need the manual, Kim will be punished.

Printer aware: Dungeon Builder maps will be printable in some way or another. We’d love to have a big Print-button in the menu, but given our goal to be on lots of platforms, we may run into some challenges here. At the very least, you’ll be able to save your maps as really high resolution images which can then be exchanged, embedded in documents or printed as is.

Playable: Thanks to our successful Kickstarter campaign, we will be adding dungeon master tools into the application. You be able to roll dice, reveal areas gradually, and we’ll be including 10 adventurer tokens and 30 monster tokens.

The Dungeon Builder Team

Aage Jørgensen,
Art By Aage
Aage is a freelance artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kim Markfoged,
Userfriends and Hobbyte
Kim is a UI Developer turned UX Designer based in Aalborg, Denmark.

Let's stay in touch

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