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Download Dungeon Builder

You can find our latest release of Dungeon Builder below. Please note that Dungeon Builder isn't finished yet, so you'll need to own Dungeon Builder Beta Access in order to log into the current release of Dungeon Builder (v. 0.17.04).

Dungeon Builder for Windows

Dungeon Builder for Linux

Dungeon Builder for Mac

If you have a user and you are unsure whether you own beta access or not, check your Profile to see if Dungeon Builder Beta is listed under your products.

If you haven't got Beta Access and would like to get it, head over to the Store to start shopping.

Download the Dungeon Builder Demo

If you're just looking to give Dungeon Builder a try, you can find our demo versions below.

Dungeon Builder Windows Demo

Dungeon Builder Linux Demo

Dungeon Builder Mac Demo

Be aware that we haven't updated the demo since our Kickstarter campaign, so it's missing a lot of neat features. We're working on a new demo which will release later this month along with the next Beta version of Dungeon Builder.